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We have already launched 3 ad networks!
What can prevent us from conquering a blockchain?

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Why did we open a Private offering?
We gathered a lot of feedback from the investors after successful Pre-sale which ended on October 1 and based on this input decided to provide a Private offer in which all our investors, including you, could participate at under special conditions while we are preparing the Crowdfunding.


What is AB‑CHAIN?

AB-CHAIN is the advertising platform for companies which are going to start their Crowdfunding/ICO or have already raised funding. By accepting the 10 most popular cryptocurrencies and AB-CHAIN token (with 50% commission discount) as a payment medium, we allow companies to bypass all potential issues that can appear during the conversion process from cryptocurrencies to FIAT.

The own stack of AB‑CHAIN technology will change cryptocurrency marketing.

Hundreds of crypto-sites

Payments with cryptocurrencies and AB-CHAIN token (with 50% commission discount)

We already have preliminary arrangements with publishers (100M + impressions capacity daily)

Machine learning based on collected data to optimize marketing targets (CPC, CPM, CPL, CPO)

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How much do you plan to invest

What is AB-CHAIN Token?

AB-CHAIN Token is the official token of the AB-CHAIN ( platform ).

50% discount
on AB-CHAIN’s commission fee

Burning 50% of our commission ensures a steady increase of the coin value through its lifetime.

Read more about the growth of the AB-CHAIN token.


Offering size

20m AB-CHAIN Tokens (20% of all)
Soft cap: USD 1.5m / Max cap: USD 5m


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End on

Secure offer

AB-CHAIN Token is issued
for investors only

Don't be late to invest with a high bonus.

Token distribution structure

70% Crowdsale Investors

15% Founders

5% Employees

4% Company Reserve

3% External Consultants

3% Bounty-program

Funds allocation structure

Research and development 30%

  • Software development
  • Contribution to open source partners
  • Contribution to cryptocurrency

Marketing 40%

  • Sales offices: Asia, Europe, America
  • Incentives for Publishers
  • Sales managers motivation program

Operation costs 20%

  • Office expends
  • Legal and accounting
  • Server infrastructure and cloud services



During the AB-CHAIN pre-sale, we received several recommendations from our advisors and venture experts. One of them was to prepare a clear business plan with stages of AB-CHAIN growth and a list of goals to achieve at each stage. So, we divided Crowdfunding into 2 rounds with metrics for each round. Here is the AB-CHAIN roadmap that demonstrates these rounds.

Q2 2017

  • Idea of AB-CHAIN, proof of concept, preparing team and partnership

Q3 2017

  • Customer Development
  • Start of Pre-Sale

Q4 2017

  • Preparation of the first round of Crowdfunding
  • Release of the first version of AB-CHAIN platform
    1. Release of the AB-CHAIN widget for Publishers

Q1 2018

  • First round of Crowdfunding
  • AB-CHAIN platform development
    1. AB-CHAIN functionality to accept BTC, ETH, USD
    2. Fully functional Advertiser’s Office, Publisher’s Wallet
    3. Adding 50 Publishers AB-CHAIN
    4. Contract with one ICO-company
  • Transferring tokens to investors as for the result of Crowdfunding

Q2 2018

  • Start of AB-CHAIN token listing at an exchange
  • AB-CHAIN platform development
    1. Accepting of AB-CHAIN token and burning it
    2. 200 websites connected
    3. Contracts with 5 ICO companies
  • Preparing the second round of Crowdfunding

Q3+4 2018

  • Conducting of the second round of Crowdfunding
  • 1000+ websites connected
  • 50+ advertisers connected
  • Transferring tokens to investors as for the result of Crowdfunding

Our team

We have a lot of experience in launching Ad networks


Affiliate network in USA with financial offers


Affiliate network in Russia with financial offers (project closed at the moment)


Advertising network for goods

Vladimir Dyakov
Founder, CEO
Ivan Pshenitsyn
Co-founder, CTO
David Pomies
Business Development Director in Hong Kong
Cate Lawrence
Head of Communication
and PR
Antony Oshkin
Chief Marketing Officer
Adrien Henni
International strategy advisor
Dom Inzerillo
International Marketing and Community manager
Sergey Kuprianov
Software developer
Ivan Rogozhev
Software developer
Slava Mirgorod
Software developer
Alex Shalin
System Administrator
Kirill Remizov
QA engineer
Veronique Repeva
Account manager

Our advisors

Arseniy Strizhenok
ICO advisor LAToken, Co-founder & CMO Blockletter.co, Blockchain & ICO advisor EWDN.com
Leonid Delitsyn
Head of Analytics,
FINAM Global
Artem Ozerkov
Head of Publishers, admitad.com advertising network
Alex Savchenkov
Founder and President, cityads.com International advertising network
Dmitry Kozlov
Head of Product,
Kirill Ermakov
Chief Technology Officer,
Igor Bulatenko
Chief Security Officer,
Ivan Pashintsev
UX Lead,
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I am a US citizen or citizen of People's Republic of China, is it legal to participate in AB-CHAIN Crowdsale?

It is an important question due to the last news from local governments, that want to protect their citizens and disallow ICOs and add regulations in the area. AB-CHAIN's Pre-Sale and Crowdsale are not restricted and/or prohibited by US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Government of People's Republic of China. AB-CHAIN Token, in fact, is the license for AB-CHAIN platform usage. Thus being sold at Crowdsale AB-CHAIN Token itself is the obligation of AB-CHAIN to deliver its services to the holders of AB-CHAIN Token in the future. It is a so-called Utility Token. On the other hand, this does not prevent our investors to speculate our tokens (obligations). But the main advantage of AB-CHAIN utility token is that it is firmly based on existing laws and regulations.

What is the legal structure of AB CHAIN?

The company is currently under incorporation process in Hong Kong.

Which wallet should I use to store AB-CHAIN token?

AB-CHAIN is a token issued on Ethereum blockchain; you should use an Ethereum wallet to store your AB-CHAIN. You can use Mist, Parity, Jaxx, Ethereum Wallet. We recommend using the official Ethereum Wallet.

What is the minimum amount to collect during Pre-Sale?

The minimum amount to collect is $300k.

What is the Max Cap for Pre-Sale?

The hard cap of Pre-Sale is $500k.

What is the Max Cap for Crowdsale?

The hard cap of Crowdsale is $5m.

What is the minimum amount to participate?

You can buy a minimum of 150 AB-CHAIN Tokens which is approximately 30 USD at the Pre-Sale stage.

When will the tokens be distributed?

We will distribute within 2 weeks after Crowdsale is over.

How do I contact AB-CHAIN?

Via Telegram (for fast response): link to English channel, link to Russian channel.
Via Email: team@ab-chain.com
Via our Facebook page
Via our Twitter account