AB-CHAIN Social Promo

Earn Cryptocurrency by promoting products of the advertisers!
From anywhere. Anytime.

How to become a promoter?

  • Register a promoter's account.
  • See promotional materials that are available in your account.
  • Distribute them anywhere you want - Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Blogs, etc.!
  • Track your stats and improve them by trying new promotion channels
  • We will automatically generate your statistics by tracking the unique link in each advertisement.
  • Receive your reward!

How to earn more?

  • Your earnings depend on your social index in the AB-CHAIN ​​Social Promo platform.
  • The higher the social index, the more you earn!
  • The growth of your social index depends on the quality of traffic.
  • All new promoters start with the index of 1 and can reach the index of 100.
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