AB-CHAIN ad network
Blockchain and AI for enhanced campaigns

We have a working platform that you can already use

RTB is listed on exchanges

Trade RTB

Trade RTB

RTB will be soon listed on
other exchanges

RTB is listed on Coinmarketcap:

Funds allocation structure

Research and development 30%

  • Software development
  • Contribution to open source partners
  • Contribution to cryptocurrency

Marketing 40%

  • Sales offices: Asia, Europe, America
  • Incentives for Publishers
  • Sales managers motivation program

Operation costs 20%

  • Office expends
  • Legal and accounting
  • Server infrastructure and cloud services


Our advisors

Juan Garay
Cryptography, Professor at Texas A&M; University
Kaimin Hu
AI and ML, AI product manager in Advance.ai, Accenture, Wailian Tech, San Francisco
Arseniy Strizhenok
ICO advisor LAToken, Co-founder & CMO Blockletter.co, Blockchain & ICO advisor EWDN.com
Kirill Ermakov
Chief Technology Officer,
Victor Ho
Investors Relations in China
Leonid Delitsyn
Head of Analytics,
FINAM Global
Alex Savchenkov
Founder and President, cityads.com International advertising network
Dmitry Kozlov
Head of Product,
Igor Bulatenko
Chief Security Officer,
Ivan Pashintsev
UX Lead,

Our team

We have a lot of experience in launching Ad networks


Affiliate network in USA with financial offers


Affiliate network in Russia with financial offers (project closed at the moment)


Advertising network for goods

Vladimir Dyakov
Founder, CEO
Ivan Pshenitsyn
Co-founder, CTO
Cate Lawrence
Head of Communication
and PR
Antony Oshkin
Chief Marketing Officer
Adrien Henni
International strategy advisor
Dom Inzerillo
International Marketing and Community manager
Alex Shalin
System Administrator
Kirill Remizov
QA engineer
Veronique Repeva
Account manager
Anna Mandryuk
Community manager
Kirill Konshin
Project manager
Aleksandr Gerasimov
Software developer
Konstantin Andreev
Software developer
Vitaly Kochetkov
Software developer
Dmitry Lyshko
Software developer
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Media about us


What is RTB?

RTB tokens issued by AB-CHAIN were sold and distributed after the tokensale. RTB is traded on IDEX and Livecoin exchanges and is a means of payment within our ad network. Advertisers who refill their budgets in RTB receive a 50% discount. Meanwhile at the same moment half of the commission of AB-CHAIN is burned, which stimulates the price for RTB.

How to trade RTB?

RTB is traded on IDEX and Livecoin exchanges. RTB can be stored on the wallets that are compilable with ERC20. We recommend RTB holders and traders to use either https://www.myetherwallet.com or https://metamask.io.

How to trade on IDEX
How to trade on Livecoin

Where to follow RTB?
How many RTB is there in circulation?

We issued 100 000 000 RTB for the tokensale, 70% of them were reserved for the sale and 30% for the company. 7 600 000 tokens were sold during the pre-sale and 9 760 000 tokens were sold during the main sale. We sold 17 400 00 RTB tokens in total. Full Token Supply equals 24 860 000 with 7 400 000 tokens for the company (30%). All unsold tokens were burned.

What is RTB burning mechanism?

50% of the AB-CHAIN commission for advertising is burned after each operation with advertisers who refill the budget in RTB. RTB burning mechanism will stimulate the price of token. When there is very few tokens left and if technical risks for the system occur, a new token will be issued that will replace RTB. We expect that to happen at least in five years. You can find out more about token burning mechanism in our whitepaper

How to advertise in AB-CHAIN ad network for RTB?

When refilling the advertising budget in RTB tokens an advertiser can receive a 50% discount, which makes CPM fall from $2 to $1. Paying in RTB is profitable: advertiser receives two times more traffic for the same price, How to refill in RTB? Register and go to your personal cabinet and refill on the Billing page by transferring tokens to the address specified.