An exciting new venture as and are merging. To make the transition smoother we are rebranding the AB-Chain website to Bitcoin Revolution. The merger will help to integrate our Artificial Intelligence Ads in BlockChain into the AI used by the crypto trading robots of Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution

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Bitcoin Revolution ™ Official Site 2022

Join the most important revolution of this age.

  • Easy registration.
  • Innovative trading.
  • Reliable brokers.

The Bitcoin Revolution Software

Bitcoin Revolution is one of the leading trading platforms to help complete beginners start their path to wealth creation. Our partners offer you the opportunity to start trading forex, Bitcoin, and other digital assets with as little as $250.

With the Bitcoin Revolution, you will experience the power of real trading capital. Bitcoin Revolution is a reliable trading platform designed to help people enter the crypto market of 2022 without any trouble.

Complete newbies can quickly get started with the platform in no time. We connect experienced traders and newbies with reputable brokers. Our novel Bitcoin Revolution system has it all, from beginner-friendly to auto trading tools for experienced investors.

How To Start With Bitcoin Revolution

Starting on the Bitcoin Revolution platform is as simple as you can imagine. In only three simple steps, you will start your journey to financial triumph.

True, financial markets remain risky, and the trading world might not be for the faint-hearted. But courage is what it takes to bridge the wealth gap dividing us amid the current crisis.

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Step1: Sign Up For a Trading Account

Open a free Bitcoin Revolution account as soon as you fill in your correct personal details, and we will direct you to our partner brokers for immediate verification. The process is simple, seamless, and 100% stress-free.

Whether you use the Bitcoin Revolution software or the Bitcoin Revolution app, signing up is very easy.

Step2: Fund Your Account

After verification, you can fund your account. Unlike most trading platforms, Bitcoin Revolution does not require you to go over the moon to fund your account. With a minimum of $250, you can start demo trading or live trading on the Bitcoin Revolution app.

Step 3: Start Trading

You can start trading on the platform as soon as you fund your account. You can begin with crypto trading, trade forex, or buy and sell commodity options on the Bitcoin Revolution platform.

Why Join Bitcoin Revolution

Swift Registration

Registration on the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform is easy. With only a few details on the registration form, you can get your trading account set up in no time. You don't have to go through long verification processes, as our reputable brokers ensure that you verify your personal details in the shortest possible time.

Simple Trading Process

Unlike most cryptocurrency trading platforms, the Bitcoin Revolution team is committed to helping you through the entire trading process. Our primary purpose is to help you understand the world of crypto trading while making it easy to improve your trading skills. Anyone can start their trading journey either on the official Bitcoin Revolution website or Bitcoin Revolution trading app with our system.

Small Funding Fee

Unlike most trading platforms, the Bitcoin Revolution team is committed to helping anyone from any region make the most of the cryptocurrency market. With as little as $250, every Bitcoin Revolution user can access the crypto market.

However, note that trading carries risk, and you can lose your trading capital if you have less trading experience. We suggest starting with demo trading if you are a complete newbie to the financial markets. On the other hand, experienced traders can start live trading and use the trading robot when using Bitcoin Revolution.

Beginner-Friendly Features

The Bitcoin Revolution software offers beginner-friendly features to help beginners understand how Bitcoin Revolution works. The Bitcoin Revolution features include access to a demo account and learning materials to assist our esteemed users in their trading journey.